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#14 Alia Bhatt Favourite Food & Colour

14 Alia Bhatt Favourite Food & Colors

Friends, here we are talking about Favourite Food of Alia Bhatt. Alia Bhatt is very focused on her food and drink, due to which Alia Bhatt always comes first and second in most beautiful Bollywood actresses.

Alia Bhatt looks pretty and fit due to her food. Here we have told about Alia Bhatt Favourite food, due to which she looks very beautiful.

Here we have divided their food according to the time.

Breakfast time Alia Bhatt Favourite Foods

  • Coffee : Alia Bhatt starts her morning with sugar free coffee, it comes in her Favourite food list.
  • Egg SandwichAlia breakfast includes Favorite Food Egg sandwich . she eats every morning.
  • Poha : Alia sometimes eats poha during break fast.

Lunch Time Alia Bhatt Favourite Foods

  • Roti, Dal and Sabzi : Aalia eats Dal, roti and vegetables to fill her stomach during lunch.
  • Alia also eats lunch time fruit salad.

Evening Time Favourite Snacks

  • Alia Bhatt eats Italy Sambar in the evening which is his favorite.

Dinner time Favourite Foods

  • Roti Rice Dal If we talk about eating at Aalia dinner, then she eats simple homemade food, pulses, rice and roti at night.
This food that eat Alia daily at home. Now we will talk about what they like to eat when Alia is shooting or when she is away from home.
When Alia is outside and in the morning if she wants to eat something, then eat her Favourite food like oat meal, fresh salad or papaya.

Alia Piquant Favourite food

When it comes to eating spicy Alia Bhatt, Alia likes Dilli's Chaat, Rasgulla, Baked Beans, grilled tomatoes, and scrambled eggs.

Alia Bhatt Favourite Colors

If we talk about Alia Bhatt Favourite Colors, Alia never told that her favourite Colors, but she has been seen in the dress of Red, Purple and Blue Colors, then from this we can say that her favorite color is Red , Is purple and blue.
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