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About  Us

Hello Friends, Welcome to Your Least

If you are worried about purchasing a gadget like mobile, laptop, shoe and car, bike or any other thing, you do not understand what will be good for you, you have come to the right place in the purchase.

List 1 is for those people who buy a lot of thinking and understanding while buying anything, here they are presented with ten best things, so that they do not have any problem.

About List1to10

List1to10 Was created in the month of August 2017. It is a website where you can find out about Top 10 Laptops, Top 10 Smart Phones, Top 10 Gadgets, Top 10 Shoes, Top 10 Jackets, Top 10 Shirts, Top 10 Animals and Trending News. I will know.

Website Goal

Here you are easy to buy anything. I often used to see that when people used to buy anything online, they used to order half an hour in the same order, they did not understand which products were correct So I thought and understood that to make the online shopping easier for the people, why not make the best website and help the people. So I created this website. Go to Help.

About me

Sachin sharma

My name is Sachin Sharma and I am a student of automobile engineering. I live in Punjab in India, I love to help people, I have made this blog for people's help.There is also a list of 1 to 10 name channel on my YouTube where you can make a video on the base of this page, you can follow me on YouTube also. The channel name list is 1 to 10. You can bookmark this website in your mobile so that you can Do not need to open and save to your desktop by pressing ctrl + D in a laptop.

To get any information you can email me the name of the
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